!FRAUD ALERT: As a person operating under the names A. Jackson or S. Bell is using my company’s name for fraudulent actions, I want to state that MS-Translations does not work with any other translators. This is a one-person company. He/she operates on translation platforms like Translator’s Café and UpWork, getting in contact via Skype or Gmail!


M.A. Maike Sommer


The manager and proprietor of MS-Translations, Maike Sommer, was born in Bielefeld, Germany and started studying English, Spanish and French at an early age. From there, it was a short step to studying languages at the University of Bielefeld. She graduated with a degree in general linguistics and linguistics of the romance languages.

 Within the framework of her language sciences studies, Maike majored in the discipline of socio-linguistics, which focuses on the use of language with all its codes, styles and jargons. Her extensive knowledge with respect to the workings and power of language uniquely qualifies her not just to translate, but to recreate text of the very highest quality and expertly adapt it to the needs of the client, the target group and according to its specific purpose. 

Maike studied for a while at the University of Alicante, in Spain. She therefore has an excellent command of the Spanish language and her competency at all levels is second-to-none. Thereafter, Maike returned to Alicante to complete fieldwork and interviews for her thesis, a study of the current usage of the Valencian language in Alicante.

She graduated with a Masters Degree, cum laude in 2000. 

Following her graduation, Maike worked for a number of renowned international companies in Germany as well as in the Netherlands, gaining much experience in translating the most divergent of texts. In 2002 she moved to Flushing, a small town on the Dutch coast, where she founded her own translation service MS-Translations two years later.

She specialised in the translation of editorial and journalistic texts and is rightly proud to have translated an impressive range of websites, guides, journals, presentations as well as two novels by the Dutch writer José Hennekam. Her satisfied customers include all of the translation agencies owned by the renowned WCS-Group, where Maike Sommer is known as a reliable and competent translator for the specialist fields mentioned above.


Maike Sommer speaks German, Dutch, English, Spanish and French.