!FRAUD ALERT: As a person operating under the names A. Jackson or S. Bell is using my company’s name for fraudulent actions, I want to state that MS-Translations does not work with any other translators. This is a one-person company. He/she operates on translation platforms like Translator’s Café and UpWork, getting in contact via Skype or Gmail!




Translation is not simply about re-writing the words in a text in another language; it involves much more than that. In order to convey the true meaning of the piece and its corresponding objectives, an appropriate language style must be used to replicate the content accurately in another language and for another culture.

Only the use of subtlety can ensure that a translated document expresses meaning, engenders a reaction, or alters a mood within the reader.

This can only be accomplished if one’s linguistic skills and stylistic intuition are exemplary. Immersion in both the source language and the target language is vital in order to achieve an optimum result.


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